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Originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, The Marshall Tucker Band was formed in 1972. The original line up of the band included Doug Gray, Jerry Eubanks, George McCorkle, Paul Riddle, and Tommy Caldwell. Toy Cardwell was the primary songwriter, lead guitarist, and vocalist. Gray was the lead vocalist, Eubanks the keyboard and Saxophone player, McCorkle the rhythm guitarist, Riddle the drummer and Caldwell, the bassist. The band signed with Capricorn Records and made their first Long Play in 1973, “The Marshall Tucker Band”- a self-titled debut album. The band was able to establish the Southern rock genre in the 70’s by having a blend of rock, jazz, gospel, country and rhythm, and blues. The name of the band came up from a warehouse they used to perform. "Marshall Tucker" was inscribed on the door. Franklin Wilkie replaced Caldwell after he got involved in a road accident in 1980. By the mid 80’s, most members of the group left to pursue other projects. The current membership of the band consists of Gray on the vocals, Marcus James Henderson as the saxophonist and keyboard player, Rick Willis and Chris Hicks as the guitarists, Tony Black as the Bassist and BB Borden as the drummer. Since the original band dissolved, the group has made tremendous landmarks by having country chart hits and numerous tours. The band produced their first album in 1992 for the Cabin Fever Label known as “Still Smokin”. This album made the group appear on the top 70 of the Billboards Charts and led them towards the release of “Walk outside the Lines” in 1993. The ’99 album named “Gospel” featured some traditional songs like "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "The Wayfaring Stranger" and other original tracks. Lastly, the band has continued to record and perform into the 21st century with over 150 shows a year. Currently, the group has reissued most of its albums from 1970 to its new record label, Rambling.

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